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Here is the Hub for all the things Tareon & Co. right at your fingertips! This is where you will get to see the many caps I wear as a wife, mother to five, hairstylist and YouTube family vlogger!

  You’ll get to see how it’s all managed in a very real and organic way! I knew this would be risky, but I also knew this might be the answer to the question of “How I do it all?” Let’s just say, “I don’t, but I manage well.” 

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6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Yes indeed, that was truly a blessing from God.
    I’m so glad that you got a chance to see family on such a bitter sweet day.

    1. Thanks Bri. It was so surreal..I’m glad I got the experience and was able to share it in this way.

  2. Tareon, this was an amazing testimony. I have always admired and looked up to you. You are a strong, blessed woman of God. I needed to hear this tonight….I have been struggling with a feeling of being in a place with God that I thought I would never be, a place where I feel so alone at times and question my own existence and worth in God’s eyes. I have always felt like I am in an ocean deep in the waters trying to get back to HIM and never quite getting my head above the waters so I can see the horizon so I can get back to who saved me….” he wants to reclaim you” I have been feeling like I am not worth being reclaimed. Thank you for that word that has touched me deep in my soul. God is not finished with me and is not done with me nor given up on me. My soul needed this tonight.

    1. I am so glad to hear this..I think we need to be more open about our struggles..It seems like it’s only popular to share the hilights of our life, like when we buy a home, get married, have a child, get the puppy etc..but noone wants to share the reality of it all. We are human therefore imperfect in every aspect. We are all thriving to be our better selves or at least most of us are. And can I say..that as long as you are not who you were yesterday you are on the right path. Denise, you have an overwhelming desire to do better and that’s what God sees. Trust in HIM and He will begin to reveal what is NOW for you!



  3. hey I love your YouTube videos they are so amazing and your family is so lovable keep doing what you are doing

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"Sharing Our Lives to Inspire Yours!"