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Motivation Tuesday! 

Everyone needs a little motivation every now and again. Sometimes we need it from outiside influences, other times we are able to get up enough muster to do it for ourselves. Either way I want to show you In the video link below how I received this gift from a past client, and how it touched me on a level that you too can do for someone else!

Volumous Blowdry Results! 
Today I want to talk about what motivation from someone else does for us. In that short video I posted from my business Facebook page, you will see my client, (who is ablsolutely gorgeous) seeing the final results of her blowout service. She was relatively new and was referred to me through a Facebook group.

She didn’t know what to expect sitting in my chair, even after having looked at some of the photos on my Facebook page. Regardless of any fear one may have in visiting a salon for the first time..she allowed me to work some hair magic!

If you wait until the end of this short video, you can clearly see what she mouths off at the end. That my friend is one of many motivating words you can say to motivate someone. It showed me how happy she was with her hair, and the potential of her becoming a repeat client skyrocketed!

What she did for me in that short phrase was, tell me that I did a great job, that she loved her hair and to keep up the good work!

So you see it doesn’t take much, it just takes something. So today, find someone who services you, takes care of you..or does absolute nothing at all and encourage or motivate them. You will know exactly how and what to do or say once the opportunity presents itself. All you have to do is give is one way I’ve used my creativity to start a trend with a campaign that encourages “showing” rather than telling.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Until next time,

Be a motivator in someone’s life ❤️