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Motivation Tuesday! 

Everyone needs a little motivation every now and again. Sometimes we need it from outiside influences, other times we are able to get up enough muster to do it for ourselves. Either way I want to show you In the video link below how I received this gift from a past client, and how it touched me on a level that you too can do for someone else!

Volumous Blowdry Results! 
Today I want to talk about what motivation from someone else does for us. In that short video I posted from my business Facebook page, you will see my client, (who is ablsolutely gorgeous) seeing the final results of her blowout service. She was relatively new and was referred to me through a Facebook group.

She didn’t know what to expect sitting in my chair, even after having looked at some of the photos on my Facebook page. Regardless of any fear one may have in visiting a salon for the first time..she allowed me to work some hair magic!

If you wait until the end of this short video, you can clearly see what she mouths off at the end. That my friend is one of many motivating words you can say to motivate someone. It showed me how happy she was with her hair, and the potential of her becoming a repeat client skyrocketed!

What she did for me in that short phrase was, tell me that I did a great job, that she loved her hair and to keep up the good work!

So you see it doesn’t take much, it just takes something. So today, find someone who services you, takes care of you..or does absolute nothing at all and encourage or motivate them. You will know exactly how and what to do or say once the opportunity presents itself. All you have to do is give is one way I’ve used my creativity to start a trend with a campaign that encourages “showing” rather than telling.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Until next time,

Be a motivator in someone’s life ❤️

It’s Been a While..Homecoming 2016

Homecoming 2016 (Sophomore)

This last weekend we sent our daughter off to her first homecoming sum this is no big deal. But to us well let’s just say we are first-time parents all over again! 
It started out purchasing her ticket we knew it would be official like this happen so we waited it out until the very last minute. She had many ideas on the type of dress she wanted to wear the make up choices she found from watching several YouTube videos. It seems these days you can pretty much find anything you want or need to learn how to do in a short timeframe by watching those videos. I am grateful as we share nuggets of our life on YouTube I’m hoping that it does inspire other families as well.

The day of, what you’ll see is enclosed in this little video her dad edited for her to remember this momentous occasion. It was full of unexpected events.Working at home as a hairstylist, and her dad becoming her personal stylist taking her from store to store to find the perfect dress shoes and then to get her nails done. 

Finally, the moment arrive when she was already to go she was beautiful I could only think about the day that I had her how tiny she was all the complications and how she’s grown into a young woman I was proud! Her dad was even prouder!

These are memories we want to create for a child that she will have to treasure for years to come hope you will enjoy watching this video and maybe even subscribing to my channel if you haven’t already. Until next time.. stay blessed and prosperous!


The Beach Tampa

So I had been hearing about this free event for sometime and being the frugal mom I am, I knew I would have to give it a shot and hope that free wasn’t going to translate to “you get what you pay for!”

So there were a couple different ways you could get tickets for this event. One was to go online and select a day and time slot with the number of tickets you’d need and the other was to go to the box office.Well let me just say the online tickets went fast. After trying several different day and time options to no avail, I figured I’d try going to the box office in hopes of getting tickets on the same day! That was my goal and it was accomplished! On Friday, August 12, 2016 I piled all five of the kids into the SUV and we made our way downtown to the Amalie Arena. Unlike normal concerts and events at the Amalie, it was pretty easy to get parking, and did I mention the parking was free too! Well was.

After leaving the box office, just shy of the 6:00 o’clock sesh, I was able to get six tickets for me and my gang! Walked right up to the line, where people had been gathering and receiving their “free” baby bell ice cream. You know the ones in the plastic cups with the peel away cardboard top? Yeah that one. It was a nice treat to hold us over for the short 7 mins we waited. This whole thing was off to a great start and the kids were excited to get inside, as was I.
As a mom to five I must say I was super impressed at the quality of this event although free, I could actually see myself paying for it. My kids all range in ages from 3-15 and they all had a blast. I too even conquered me personal fear of ball pits!

This event is going on until August 25th and if you are anywhere in the surrounding area it’s worth the trip to go and swim in a sea of balls!

Should you so decide be sure to HMU on my social media and LMK how you liked it. And for those of you that can’t,  you can live vicariously through our experience by watching the vlog we posted on our YouTube channel.

Until next time,

Do something different, try something new!

Tareon Xoxoz!


As a hairstylist and mom to 3 girls, I get asked so many questions on our YouTube channel about how I take care of my girls’ hair. In this vlog, I show a simple protective style and some of the products I use.

Just to give you a little hindsight on their background, I am black and my husband is Puerto Rican. I personally feel that there are many variations of hair textures no matter the background. I’m glad I have the unique opportunity to work with many textures. For the purpose of the video, I did tag it as mixed hair for search purposes.

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to message me on Twitter or on my other social media.

Until next time,

Tareon Xoxoz!


Where have I been..

Well it’s summertime for our five kiddos and I can’t quite seem to have a moment where I can jot down my thoughts and connect to those of you that have decided to join me on my blogging journey. I do want to say THANK YOU, for your continued support and also offer you a way to stay connected with me through my Youtube community. I post vlogs there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

So to answer the question of where we’ve far I’ve found some inexpensive or mostly free things to do in our community. We have a YMCA membership, which allows us access to their new and improved pool and splash pad area. Speaking of splash, we did a lot of that at the beach as well..we went on the perfect day and it was super windy and the waves were alot stronger than usual and the kids loved it as they floated on a ginormous blow up dolphin Daniella brought. Lastly, we went to the Bro Bowl in Tampa on National Go Skateboarding Day. The boys enjoyed this the most, but the girls also had their share of skating along the sidewalks.

If you need more of a visual of these great #summer16 moments with #tareoandcofamily be sure to check out the vlogs below to get caught up! 

Watch our Beach and more vlog!

Until next time..

Keeping life real simple,


Tareon XOXOZ!